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Elsewhere in the app, you can embed images into messages, comment directly on lists and tasks, attach code samples, and more. You can even forward important emails into Basecamp so you can share them with your team. Google Play reviews caution that Basecamp isn't the best tool for software projects that are built using specific methods like Scrum or Kanban.

But as an app for nearly all-purpose collaboration, it gets the job done. Among other options, you can access all of your Trello boards, move cards around to prioritize tasks, and add to-do lists that let you check off when complete. You can even attach files from file storage systems like Google Drive and Dropbox. If you're using Android Wear, Trello has an app to help you get the work done even faster. It includes options to create cards or reply to comments from your Android-compatible smartwatch.

Its goal is to help you manage projects of all sorts, from ad campaigns to bug tracking. Best of all, you can do this from your laptop or Android app - monday.

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Users love its simple UI, task synchronization, vendor tracking, and more. You can also manage, plan, schedule, and track tasks, alongside tracking time per project. Price: Four plans are offered and pricing depends on how many users you'll have. If you're a traditionalist who prefers using spreadsheets to organize your projects, then Smartsheet for Android is the app for you.

Smartsheet's UX will feel familiar to those who use spreadsheets to track or manage projects. With different views for lists, spreadsheets, or Gantt charts, its flexibility gives you a great overview of each project you work on. You can create a new sheet within the app using a predefined project template, task sheet, or blank sheet.

Then, you can grant access to anyone on your team. Teamwork Projects has a short learning curve with user-friendly features- at least, that's what GetApp users say. They add that Teamwork Projects helps them manage several large projects at once with features like time tracking, task management, Gantt charts, and more. Among other features, its Android app lets you answer messages, share notes and ideas, assign tasks to users, and check project milestones. Price: Three plans range from Free Forever to an Enterprise plan with custom pricing.

This data transforms the decision-making process. You can determine everything from appropriate salary, rates, and product prices, to optimal team size, tool-kit, and work process. Despite all these benefits, employee monitoring is a contentious topic. Boost productivity for your whole team. Try Hubstaff's employee monitoring and time tracking software for free. Get your team on track No credit card required.

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In this guide, you can explore current employee monitoring practices and tools that make workplaces more efficient and teams more productive. Continue reading or choose the chapter that's most relevant to you. Types of employee monitoring systems 2. The pros of employee monitoring 3. The cons of employee monitoring 4.

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Legal considerations 5. How to choose a system 6. How to introduce your employees to the system 7. Employee monitoring resources. Chapter 1. Employee monitoring comes in all shapes and sizes. Check out the most common forms including some you might not expect. But some jobs make this type of monitoring problematic.

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URL-blocking also falls under this category. Not only can this help companies anticipate problems before they come up, but it can also be important when settling disputes. Say you look at the latest customer support statistics, and you notice two representatives are getting much higher scores than everyone else. On the flip side, if someone is getting really poor feedback, listening to his or her old calls will uncover the issue. In the past, before email and chat were so ubiquitous, leaving someone a voicemail was a pretty standard way to communicate.

These days, the practice has almost disappeared: Less than one-tenth of the entire American population uses it. Tracking the location of mobile employees whether by vehicle, smartphone, or both has gone way up lately.

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That applies to companies like Buffer, who give their team members activity trackers. Every Buffer hire receives a Jawbone UP wristband. This counts as employee monitoring. Deloitte, the famous consulting firm, recently conducted a pilot program in which each employee got a "smart" ID badge.

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These badges tracked how often they spoke in meetings, left their desks, and used effective body language. Japanese tech company Hitachi developed a similar badge-like device for tracking employee happiness , based on "distinct physical movements.

Chapter 2. Entrepreneurs, executives, and team leaders can reap a lot of rewards from employee monitoring software. The typical full-timer is paid for 8 hours of work each day—but he or she is wasting between 90 to minutes.

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Suppose you only have two employees. With employee monitoring apps, you can completely eliminate this cash leak. As this Chron article points out , having more insight into what your team members are doing lets you catch mistakes before they spiral out of control. Maybe you notice one of your employees has started working on a low-priority project, but you really need him to focus his efforts on a more timely or important task. Can you please prioritize Project X over Project Y? However, the data also ended up revealing which waiters were the most productive.

One of these waiters, Jim Sullivan, was rewarded with a management position when the chain opened up a new location. To see how employee monitoring makes your workplace safer, go back to the case in which tracking employee emails helped resolve a sexual harassment claim.

The 25 Best Productivity Apps To Help You Do More In Less Time

Every manager struggles to keep their team in-sync; after all, ten heads are only better than two if every head is looking in the same direction. And as remote work becomes more and more common , the challenge of unifying a group of people has taken on a global dimension. This blog post really drives home why successful delegation is mission-critical: it fosters collaboration, develops your employees, makes you more productive, increases team trust, and lets you focus on the bigger picture.

When you know who struggles with what and conversely, who shines at what , you can hand out tasks appropriately. Administrative work is the bane of your existence, right? With the right employee monitoring app, however, you can automate a large portion of your administrative duties.

Corey Ciocchetti, Associate Professor of Business Ethics and Legal Studies at the University of Denver, writes , "It is more efficient to monitor employee hours via software as opposed to on paper as it reduces hours inflation and human errors. Finally, apps like Hubstaff offer flexible reporting options. When you need to pay taxes or invoice a client, you can generate the right report instantly—no more hunting down random files or spending hours in Excel. Chapter 3.