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To find out if your laptop has USB or not, the quickest way to do so is to look up its specs on the internet. What does USB get you? It makes transferring files quicker and speeds-up USB charging. How to uninstall apps The Galaxy S5 comes with loads of apps pre-installed, but it handily makes uninstalling most of them very easy. Doing so is dead easy. Just go to the apps menu, then tap the three-dot icon at the top-right of the screen.

These let you get rid of apps. While Samsung has a bad rep for loading up its phones with bloat, you can give the Galaxy S5 an extreme clear-out if you want. If you want to hide apps but not totally delete them, you can do that too. Wink Wink etc. Hiding apps works much like uninstalling them. Go to the apps menu and tap the three-pip icons at the top-right, then select Hide Apps in the menu that pops up.

Unlike uninstalling apps, you can hide absolutely any app on your Galaxy S5. To reveal the hidden apps, you just need to head back into the app screen menu, then tap Show Hidden Apps.

It appears whenever you have any apps hidden. Tap on them and they spill their contents. To create a folder, hold a finger down on an app icon for two seconds, then drag it up to the Create Folder entry that should pop up at the top of the screen. This will make a folder for the app on your home screen. To add apps to the folder, just hold a finger down on them for a couple of seconds, then drag the icon into the folder. To use a photo as the wallpaper, go to the Gallery app, find the photo then tap the three-pip icon at the top-right of the screen.

Get another interface entirely Custom launcher apps let you provide your phone with a completely new look, without any kind of hacking or risk of bricking your phone. However, our favourite is the Google Now launcher. You can customise the interface font TouchWiz lets you change the font used by the system, which is a way to completely alter the way your phone looks.

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There is a download button down at the bottom of this screen to let you download more, but this takes you to the Samsung Apps store, where you have to pay for fonts. Hey presto, free fronts. Using Multi Window Multi Window is a multi-tasking feature that lets you run two apps at the same time. Once enabled, hold the back key until the app tray icon pops up at the side of the display. Tap it to open the tray. Then just drag apps from it onto the screen. Not every app can be used with Multi Window, but plenty can.

Tap the multi-tasking button the left soft key and then tap the button with the cross — at the bottom-right of the screen. This will close all apps.

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How to limit background processes to speed up the phone One of the ways to improve day-to-day performance when you have Developer Mode enabled is to limit the number of processes that are allowed to run in the background. The loss in market share was attributed primarily to growing pressure from competitors — especially in the growing low-end smartphone market, and an already saturated market for high-end smartphones.

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Retrieved 22 June Vancouver Sun. Retrieved 25 December Android Authority. Retrieved 24 December Below the screen are three buttons. The physical "Home" button in the centre contains a swipe-based fingerprint reader. The "Recent apps" and "Back" buttons are capacitive. The S5 mini no longer uses a "Menu" key like its predecessors. The Galaxy S5 Mini comes with Android 4.

Its software, like the S5, also contains an "Ultra Power Saving" mode to further extend battery life; when enabled, all non-essential processes are disabled, and the screen switches to only rendering in white on black. Additional power efficiency features include R2 Semiconductor's envelope tracking to improve power amplifier efficiency thereby decreasing heat and increasing battery life.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 4 Sept Samsung smartphones by operating system. M1 Vodafone. Samsung phones by series.

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